19 April 2019 — Written by HeberGB

I'm Heber Grajeda from Mexico City 🇲🇽, I'm 22 years old and I love video games and eSports, if I'm not coding or reading I'm playing video games. Nowadays I am happy to work in startups because I think it is the perfect place to learn and make. Every day my work pushes me to grow, I hate to stay in the comfort zone and I know it sounds mainstream, but in reality I'm trying to code, write, read and learn every day, just with the goal of becoming a better engineer of software.

Currently I'm developer focused on Containers, Microservices and Big Data to build distributed computing. I am working on Node.js and Python for backend, Apache Airflow, Pandas and Numpy to automate the data workflow, and finally I use React for front-end. I'm also curious about DevOps things like CI/CD and deployments on AWS.